Over 3.7 Trillion in Asset Transfer from Small and/or Family-Run Businesses in Canada is anticipated before or by 2022

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That Out of Over 1 Million Small and/or Family-Run Businesses across Canada...

51% do not have a Succession Plan

40% have an "Informal" Succession Plan

and ... 9% have a "Formal" Succession Plan


That out of the above 49% “Informal” and “Formal” Succession Plans…

Only 30% Succeed when passed down to Family

Only 50% Succeed when purchased by an Outside Investor

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Take a Look... Where Does Your Business Fall Among the Following Statistics ?

In May and June of 2015, Industry Canada published the most recent numbers, which are still only as recent as 2011!  Take a look at these statistics as they are cited in the most current Government Documentation, and project these numbers forward now, into 2017...

  • As of 2011, almost 50% of Canadian Family-Run Business Owners are between the ages of 50 and 64
  • 98% of Family-Run Businesses in Canada (excluding Solo-preneurs) have between 1-99 Employees 
  • 53.8% of Family-Run Businesses in Canada are owned exclusively by Men;
  • Another 12.4% of Family-Run Businesses, the Majority Ownership is by Men;
  • Another 18.2% of Family-Run Businesses are Equally Owned by Men and Women
  • 92.7% of Women-Owned Businesses in Canada have fewer than 20 Employees
  • 59.2% of Women-Owned Family-Run Businesses in Canada are Micro-Firms with between 1-4 Dedicated Employees
  • The proportion of Women-Owned Family-Run Businesses with 20-99 Employees more than Doubled from 3.1% in 2007 to 6.8% in 2011

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